Usbepower KEYWI One Suction Pad

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KEYWI is an amazingly smart keychain that gives your phone or AirPods the battery boost it needs in case of an emergency. Hang this mini power bank to your keys or bag to have it with you all the time. No cable needed. Simply put your device on it and let the magic of wireless operates. With a capacity of 1 000 mAh, it will provide 25% of extra battery to your smartphone and a full charge for your AirPods. With its USB-C port, you can recharge KEYWI using the cable in the box or charge any other device. Available in more than 30 unique designs inspired by fashion and pop culture, there is a KEYWI for everyone.

Product details

  • Wireless compatibility: made for smartphones compatible with wireless technology,
  • Capacity: 1000 mAh, 5 hours for smartphones & 25 hours for AirPods
  • Output & Input: USB-C 1A / 5W wireless
  • USB-C Cable included
  • Charging distance: 5 mm
  • Finish: Soft Touch with leather band and keychain
  • Dimension: L 45 x W 65 x D 18 mm
  • French Design