The TOP 3 Products to Help You Stay Healthy and Safe This 2021

This year is all about innovation - new means of communication, new vaccines, and new technologies are all taking the stage. That is why we at SmartTech have compiled our Top 3 Products to help you bring in the new year in safety and comfort. 
Hygiene is one of the most popular subjects in today's landscape but rather than focusing on hand-sanitiser, oral health is at the top of our list. The ION-SEI has been referred to as the best toothbrush on the market! 
How does a toothbrush attain such a title? The ION-Sei does so by not just helping to remove plaque, but by actually creating ions to combat the growth of bacteria. Which kind of bacteria? Well, the kind that dentists say is the culprit behind plaque and gum disease. 
Embedded within the toothbrush itself is a blue UV light, that along with ionic technology, attracts the bacteria to the brush and ultimately destroys it. Equipped with a smart 2-min timer, the ION-Sei even lets you know when to move to different parts of your mouth. With 3 brushing modes of different speeds, the ION-Sei Electric Toothbrush will make getting up in the morning something to look forward to.  
We all need to go outside eventually and that is why the AusAir mask is on our wish list. Venture out of your home safely and in style with the ultra-breathable, highly durable mask that trumps them all. Its dual component design contains reusable mask skins for an easy clean and complete comfort to anyone smart enough to wear it. 
AusAir masks are equipped with replaceable filters that block 99% of viruses, bacteria, and particle matter making it the perfect junction between safety, comfort, and style. With its adjustable ear loops, you can tailor your mask to your perfect fit and adjust it at any point in time. Available in 3 colours; black, off-white, and pink, you can match the AusAir mask to your outfits and with 3 different sizes the whole family can stay safe while enjoying its sleek design. 
Along the lines of staying safe, now you can get a professional shave in the comfort and safety of your own home! The GILLETTE LABS HEATED RAZOR STARTER KIT has reinvented shaving by incorporating a stainless steel warming bar to create a heated razor that trumps its predecessors. Enjoy a hot towel shave without the hassle! It can heat up in less than a second and with two levels of warmth 43c and 50c,  Gillete’s Heated Razor will make you wonder how you ever shaved without one. 
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