Reach Your Fitness Goals This 2021 with Smartech

Step into the new year with products that were created to take your at-home workouts to entirely new levels. Catapult your routine with the most advanced technology available - all from the comfort of your own home.
It all starts with the Activ5 a portable fitness training tool that fits conveniently in your pocket. A personal trainer and coach, the Activ 5 also measures your strength and precision offering the workouts you need, for the results you want.  Running on AAA batteries, Activ5 is the small and powerful system that will talk you through over 100 full-body, low impact exercises. Take your coach wherever you go for that easy answer to your time constraint dilemmas - leaving you with no excuses. 
Looking to boost up your routine? The BlazePod uses flash reaction light training to take outdated routines to new heights. Utilized by professionals from sports coaches to therapists, this unique system works with 6 separate pods. Each pod is equipped with light sensors that can be adjusted in different colours and ranges for a cornucopia of training options. Improve your agility and have fun with the Blazepod Training Kit and create challenging obstacles for you and your workout group to enjoy.
Fun for the whole family the JAXJOX KETTLEBELL CONNECT 2.0 is the kettlebell that trumps them all. This six-in-one design boasts weights ranging from 5.4-19 kilos using a rotating weight-selection core, making it suitable for anyone and any workout. This smart kettlebell provides real-time performance tracking and reporting and can be synced to the JAXJOX app to track your reps, volume, sets, average power, and workout duration - so you can focus on your workout!  
Make sitting at home beneficial with SIXPAD - the company that has taken EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) to whole new levels with the debut of their SIXPAD FOOT FIT and SIXPAD ABS BELT. Using patented CMM Pulse Core technology, the Foot Fit works to train the muscles that support walking by sending electric currents through your feet and up to your thigh. The Abs Belt uses these same electric currents to target your oblique muscles to help tone up abs in a way your typical workout just can’t do. The SIXPAD brand focuses on the 70% of dormant fibres not utilized in a standard workout - taking your routine to entirely new heights, all from the comfort of your home.  
Recovery is just as important as workouts themselves and here is the product used by the pros to keep them at the top of their game. The Recovapro Massager is the world-leading massage expert at the frontier of exercise preparation and recovery technology. Equipped with 5-speed settings and 5 attachments this small device offers full-body treatment and is the trusted piece of equipment for athletes and sporting professionals alike. Train harder and recover faster with the Recovapro massager.
It’s easier than ever to get the results you want in the comfort and safety of your home this 2021. Enjoy the products we offer and get revel in an extraordinary workout regimen - only with Smartech. With free shipping on carts over £200 and discounts across the site - it’s your time to shine and finally achieve your new year's resolutions!